The mission of the UNC Charlotte Faculty Ombuds Office, in keeping with the cornerstone principles articulated by the International Ombudsman* Association (IOA), is to provide a confidential, informal, impartial, and independent source of assistance to individuals or groups experiencing conflicts or who have complaints involving others at the institution.  We seek to educate the faculty, administration and greater University on matters relating to improving the culture of civility throughout our campus.  The Ombuds assists faculty by listening to concerns, clarifying issues, explaining policies, articulating options, serving as a neutral party in resolving disputes, and providing referrals to other resources. 

Faculty are not required to use the Ombuds Office for informal resolution of conflicts, and do so voluntarily.  The Office is not designed to receive formal notice of complaints on behalf of the University.

*The term Ombudsman is used to communicate to the widest possible community and is not intended to discourage others from using alternatives. IOA respectfully acknowledges that many practitioners use alternative forms of this word.  International Ombudsman Association,  The Ombuds Association Website